With Love From Saralee (Matt’s Mom)

Matt and Rachel are truly a match made in heaven. Through remarkable circumstance they found each other, fell in love and married. And now a family would really bring their dreams into reality. They love each other!! They are happiest when they are together!! They have so much love to give. I have observed them… Continue reading With Love From Saralee (Matt’s Mom)


Emily’s View

Emily, our niece, shared a few kind words about how she views us. We adore her and are so very grateful she’s in our life! “This is what I think about you guys: Matt: funny, a little shy, humble, welcoming, fun, smart, creative, patient, he is the uncle that always has a good joke, hardworking. 🙂 Rachel:… Continue reading Emily’s View

Baby Journey

Rachel and Matt Complete Each Other

Get to know Rachel and Matt through the eyes of Grami Nita (Rachel’s Mom) “Rachel and Matt complete each other.  That may sound trite but I view it as very true with this couple.  They give each other the support and strength to grow.  When Rachel is struggling or fearful Matt is strong.  When Matt… Continue reading Rachel and Matt Complete Each Other

Baby Journey

Week Full of Blessings

A week since we official announced we are looking to adopt has passed. There are so many elements of this journey that we are simply grateful for and love.  Here are a few: Loving our new pass-a-long cards New Facebook Page : Kind words given by friends as they share our story:   With every… Continue reading Week Full of Blessings



This time a year we all talk about what we are grateful for. This past week has been filled with so many things that have filled my heart with gratitude, some holiday related and some not. Lets look at a few the holiday related ones: This past week I got to spend lots of time with… Continue reading Grateful

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30 Day Book of Mormon Challenge

Yesterday, I start a 30 Book of Mormon Challenge. I am excited and a little nervous. It is a lot of reading in just 30 days. If I am successful I will finish before Christmas! If you are not familiar with the Book of Mormon it is another testament of Christ. The reason I am nervous… Continue reading 30 Day Book of Mormon Challenge